The opportunity for transformation and upgrading of plastic processing machinery industry comes quietly

2016-11-21  496

Recently, the achievement "green processing and molding technology of polymer materials based on tensile rheology" presided over and completed by academician Qu Jinping team of South China University of technology won the second prize of national technological invention. His new technology subverts the screw processing principle based on shear rheology, which has not been left by plastic processing machinery for more than 100 years, brewing a "storm" of technological upgrading in plastic processing machinery and related industries.

It is reported that this is the third time academician Qu Jinping has won the national science and technology award. Because of the incentive effect of the national science and technology award, he was able to carry out the research continuously. No one thought that he once again boarded the podium of the Great Hall of the people just by using the 500000 yuan bonus he obtained last time.

With the rising performance and function of plastic raw materials in social life, the old injection molding process equipment can not meet the growing social demand, so there is a great demand for the machinery with diversified functions of injection molding processing equipment. China is the largest processing machinery market in the world. With the development of economy, India, the United States, Africa and the Middle East are all countries with great demand for processing machinery. According to the five-year plan for the machinery industry of plastic raw materials, the raw materials of mechanical plastics will increase by more than 10% every year in the next five years.

The current ability of exporting plastic raw material processing machinery to China is very strong. It has a great impact on the world of plastic raw materials and raw material market of plastic machinery in the global machinery industry. The plastic raw materials of domestic machinery products are constantly improving product quality, and enterprises are also accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure.

The monopoly war on this new technology in the plastic machinery industry has quietly started. As early as when we participated in Guangzhou International Rubber and plastic machinery exhibition, large companies engaged in the production of plastic processing equipment in Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries handed us olive branches. "They even contacted our staff quietly and asked if they could buy our prototype." Qu Jinping said with a smile. Domestic plastic processing enterprises have expressed their purchase intention.

"According to the actual production statistics of enterprises in Dongguan, Shantou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places, our material loss has been greatly reduced, the energy consumption has been reduced by about 30%, and the pollution has naturally been greatly reduced." at present, the plastic screw less plasticizing extrusion technology and equipment have been identified by relevant industry experts as a major innovation in the field of polymer material molding and processing at home and abroad, At the international leading level.

Academician Qu Jinping won the national science and Technology Award three times, which shows that the state attaches importance to the plastic processing machinery industry and that the good time for the transformation and upgrading of the old industry has come. Xiaobian believes that enterprises should firmly seize this excellent opportunity to turn over the battle in the field of international plastic processing machinery.